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Pet Funerals

Pet Funerals at All Ways and Forever

As an Independent Celebrant I can offer a complete funeral service for your beloved pet.

It is such a distressing time for anyone who has lost a pet due to illness or untimely passing. Many people would say “It’s only a dog “or “It’s only a cat” but what they fail to understand is how close we can become to our pets and the huge gap they can leave in a family.

Children especially can be severely affected by losing a much-loved pet. Even a small pet like a hamster dying can be devastating for a young child.

What do I do in order to make this passing more bearable?

Firstly decide where your pet will be at their passing for example at home or in the veterinary surgery where the vet will take over the final hours. There are several pet cremation centres that offer a service where you can visit your pet before hand and hold a small service. If you prefer me to take the pet for you I can do that too and we can have a celebration of your pets life either at home or at a Pet Crematorium, the choice is always yours.

Secondly decide where you would like to place the ashes, yes this is a very unpleasant thought, however it has to be considered for small pets, I would recommend a very pretty small box that can be buried in the garden in a pre-determined place.

And if you prefer to bury a pet dog or cat there are certain rules you will need to follow for example, the burial place has to be at least 4 ft deep for a pet dog and at least 3ft deep for a pet cat. This is to prevent any natural disturbance to the grave including wildlife who could pick up the scent in the area.

Due to their size, horses must be dealt with by an official cremation company. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a special ‘celebration of life’ ceremony for them. There are some beautiful services held for these magnificent animals.

If you would like a unique and meaningful send off for your pet I would be happy to discuss the options open to you and your family and please do consider including your children as it would be very important for them too. Whether you would like a traditional service, or something very down to earth and natural, your pet will know how much you love them because true love never dies it only changes with time.

Please give me a call if you would like more information on Pet Funerals.