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The Passing Over Ceremony

This is a memorial and healing ceremony for anyone struggling with the grief of losing a loved one it also helps the departed soul in transition. Traditional funeral rites in the west the Celebrant vicar or priest speaks for everyone using information gathered from consultations with close family members and friends. As a sacred Celebrant I help you to say what was never said or had the opportunity before your loved ones passed over often people feel many things not reconciled and feel it’s too late once the person has passed.

During this ceremony those taking part can act freely and safely expressing their feelings and emotions it is spiritually beneficial to both. Practical arrangements become a distraction while the grieving process has never really been addressed it deprives those responsible of the vital time needed to come to terms with their loss this can be followed by an unhealthy feeling of emptiness that can lead to depression and sadness. It is a lovely ceremony and one filled with love we use crystals water candles and hand blended incense.

What our clients say

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for the incredible job you did for our wedding!!


The ceremony was absolutely beautiful! You did an amazing job Suzanne! You really show your passion for what you do in your work.


I had a wonderful experience it all worked like I pictured it in my head. I would definitely recommend you in the future.


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