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Many people at the moment are going through a very difficult time with their money and choices around the funeral industry. As we all know crematoriums can be very busy especially with a spike in people dying. Many of the families I help through this process has said they would have liked more than the general half an hour in the crematorium and it’s difficult to say so many things for long or complicated or interesting lives. What I want to share it with you now is that you can have what we call a freelance family funeral.

How does that work you might say ?

It may be that the deceased said “No fuss, just bury me and please yourselves” and the family want a celebration(wake) afterwards.

It may be that there is little money available for all the pomp and circumstance.

It may be that the funeral is for someone in the public eye or well known and not enough room for all at the Crematorium.

Where is this leading to and what is my part in this ?

As a funeral officiant it is my humble duty to ensure that your loved one has the best send off that we can orchestrate.

Death isn’t the easiest subject to talk about but it’s something that is being increasingly discussed by people who want to take control of what happens towards the end of their life and after they have died. We tend to leave our funerals to those left behind, who often feel upset by their own uncertainty over what the person who has died would have wanted.

The way forward is to arrange an appointment for us to meet and discuss your requirements or both of your loved one. We will look at the use or not of the funeral director and where the celebration of that life can take place. This means that we can put together a beautiful service which lasts more than the normal half an hour so that we can say all of those things that were relevant in that persons life. Even to the point of ordering a coffin that can be painted and adorned in anyway you see fit and in some circumstances can be more economical than the traditional way we have of dealing with the funeral. Some venues are now accepting the deceased been delivered while the celebrations take place and then Coffin gets taken to the crematorium or burial-ground leaving people behind to carry on celebrating their loved ones life.

Don’t leave it till you’re dead – plan ahead!

I will be running a regular Coffin Club from October this year so that people can come together to plan their final farewell and even if they want to, decorate their own coffin.
Empower yourself to sort out the end of your life so you can get on with living, and lessen the burden for your family and friends, as they will know exactly what you wanted!
Please give me a call if you would like more information on DIY Funerals.

By kind permission of the Coffin Club