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Baby Naming Ceremonies

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So, you’re looking for a way to celebrate the naming of your baby? I’d like to say that choosing this kind of ceremony is a beautiful and unique way of demonstrating your commitment and love for your child, and a wonderful way to involve all those close to you, to share the day, and for everyone to have a part to play. We will work with you to do it in your own unique way so look no further!

You may have decided that a religious ceremony is not really what you’re looking for because you don’t belong to a particular church or religion, rather you want your child to choose their own spiritual path in their own good time when they are old enough to do so.

In your quest for a baby naming ceremony you may have noticed quite a lot of restrictions regarding readings, music and format, whereas, with an Independent Celebrant there is much more freedom to have the day exactly as you want it.

Firstly you will need to decide a date, time and place, how long you would like the ceremony to be, and what kind of atmosphere you want to create. We will sit down with you and have a look at ideas for readings, music, prayers and any additional elements you would like and provide you with lots of creative support with your ideas.

As a qualified Celebrant I will personally help you to include all the members of your group regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs and if there are any other children, we can involve them too, there are many ideas we can explore to make it really exciting and unforgettable. Once all the necessary personal information has been collected, I will go away and weave it all together into a ceremony just for you.

For example we could include traditional elements found in a church christening, such as anointing with beautiful oil, lighting a candle, using water, hymns; the Lord’s Prayer if you wish, with variations to your liking.

Here are some of the elements possible and we will create a flow from the ones that most appeal to you.

Words of welcome and an introduction.

Acknowledging absent friends or family members.

Prayers, if this appeals.

Readings, Stories, Songs, Music, Dancing.

Now we can welcome the child/children.

You may want to share the meaning of the name(s) you have chosen.

Then the actual naming of the child.

Blessing the child (angels, saints or spiritual elements if desired)

Parents’ vows, promises and or commitments. It’s lovely to include the extended family, with supporting adult’s vows, Grandparent’s vows (they love this!).

Inclusion of siblings and or other children present, an important factor to make other children feel welcomed, you could add the supporting role with them too.

Presentation of gifts to the child with hopes for the future.

Finally closing words and thank you’s.

All those involved and included in your baby naming ceremony are laying a fertile foundation for that relationship between them and your child to be enjoyed in the years ahead so invite people that your child is likely to have regular contact with, and who can be a positive influence throughout their life.